Bamboo Bar & Beach

Well, it only took three posts and I completely ran out of material to write about. We all knew this was coming but it happened much sooner than I expected. The loyal followers of deserve better. Fortunately, the time since the last post has been nothing short of thrilling. In the words of Ace Frehley- "I'm back, back in the New York groove". Turns out that song is a cover, so just pretend I said in the words of Russ Ballard instead.

Over the weekend I found myself at Top Golf, going there was a great time and if I'm being honest I kinda just wanted to go home after. Trying to learn the intricacies of a technical sport while roasting/being roasted is exhausting. However, with 11 other people in the group clamoring for the fun to continue I just couldn't force myself to be the wet blanket that I was dying to be. I agreed let the fun continue and we were off to a bar in Cranberry.

I'm still not sure who found this bar or how. At this point I'm thoroughly convinced there was divine intervention. The name of the bar is what inspired the title of this week's post - Bamboo Bar & Beach. For those who weren't there, it looks exactly like how you're imagining it- a healthy mix of Mark's Landing and the Salem Country Club. So while a wind storm was literally tearing things apart back home in Salem, we were hanging out in a bar that I'm sure has made an appearance or two in Jimmy Buffet's fever dreams.

It turns out there's nothing funnier than an inebriated person in your group getting people's names wrong but only by a little bit.(e.g Big Red instead of Big Rick and Benzon instead of Bezon). I felt like going to a beach themed bar was very appropriate. Winter is officially over and I can't help but feel excited for warmer weather activities.(Tentatively planning something for Cinco De Mayo, all readers are of course invited). Typically the first three months of the year are my least favorite, the holidays are over but the sub-par weather remains. So I'm glad to be done with the first 1/4 of the year. Golf outings, cookouts, back porch brews... I honestly can't wait. I think this will finally be the summer I get a spike ball set.

Now I'm continuing this post a month later. Somehow, everything in my life has taken priority over the only thing I actually care about - this blog. Going forward I plan on having more consistent posts, Friday mornings just haven't felt the same since the hiatus started.

Misc. Notes/Unanswered Questions