Chasing Pavements

It's early - 6:15AM Monday morning early. My coffee is brewing and vintage Adele is blasting in my living room. (That last part is a lie but I need it for the title to make sense.) My body feels marginally better than it did yesterday at this time - Walleyball is a violent game and should be advertised as such but I digress. The fact remains that it is Monday morning and I'm not sure if I'm ready for the new week or I'm just kinda ready. Those reading are lucky, it's Friday morning at the earliest for you.

Aside from a few emails and @rdavanzo85 being kind enough to let me borrow his twitter on occasion, it's been a long time since I've written anything for an audience.(2017?) I hope to use to get my sea legs back but right now I'm wrestling with how to make this post feign coherency. Like everything else I do in my life, I just want to make Mrs.Dye proud. All I ask of the reader is that you imagine me in an old wife beater and some suspenders, cigar in my mouth, coolly typing this on a euphonious typewriter. Of course, that description is wildly incompatible with Adele in background so let's switch the music to Bruce Springsteen. I'm not sure that works either but now we're in this together. Radio Nowhere anyone?

This website started off as a joke when I found out how cheap obscure domains are. Now it's sort of progressed into stream of consciousness style ramblings of a guy you know. I intend one having a piece like this every week (quantity over quality) and maybe a few longer/more polished pieces exploring random topics. If you're looking for profound insight or solutions to modern problems this might not be the best place.

Misc. Notes/Unanswered Questions