City Stuff

As I saw our final opponent get called out and my teammates begin to celebrate, only one thought echoed through my mind... "Are we the greatest dodgeball team of all time?"

Other than world war 3 potentially starting it's been a pretty quiet week. Sometimes you need a quiet week after an eventful weekend. It really was an eventful weekend. I was there to see OSU hockey take down Michigan for its first outdoor win in program history, get pulled over without getting a ticket, and take home first prize in the most dangerous dodgeball tournament in the modern era.

Absolutely wild, right? Actually, it's kinda just par for the course. When you get any subset of Thinner, Jebs, Bez, Diebs, Pepsi, Bad-Brad, P, Matty Ice, Beef, Ashley, Dawn, Cherry, Higgins, Louie, Big Louie, Trip, Maggie, V, Cory, Becks, Darius, Oliver, and Holly together having a great time is inexorable. We were missing Sled, Webb, Rock and Nasty though, I hope those cats had a good time this weekend.

The title of this post comes from hanging out in Cleveland all day Saturday. Between Jerry Seinfeld performing and the hockey game, the city was buzzing. All of the bars we went to were packed by 2pm.

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